Headache Relief Treatment Procedures & Options

Botulinum A Injection

Reasons to perform the procedure

The injection paradigm targets the distribution of Botulinum A to muscles that align with the distribution for input to the trigeminal sensory system, which is believed to be the target-end organ for Botulinum A in treating chronic migraine.

Migraine management with Botulinum A injections is just a few simple injections, most patients are eligible for treatment. The best way to determine if Botulinum A therapy can be used as an alternative to other forms of treatment for a Migraine is to discuss your individual case with a physician. By carefully analyzing your pain, a physician will be able to determine if Botulinum A, the protein that makes up Botulinum A injections, can help ease your pain and give you the relief you need. Botulinum A treatment is distinctive because of its ability to treat a specific target area. These injections can be administered quickly and have fast-acting, long-lasting results.

Nearly 1 million people worldwide have experienced pain relief from Botulinum A. Long-term therapy with Botulinum A has been found to be safe and very effective.

Before the procedure

You will be examined thoroughly and the diagnosis is confirmed. Basic investigations will be taken to understand the comorbid status. You will be informed where and when to report for the procedure. You may be asked not to eat or drink after midnight the night before. You will be examined by your doctor and asked to rate your pain.

Description of the procedure

Your consent will be obtained. You will lie on your back for the procedure. The skin on your Scalp will be cleaned with antiseptic. With very small bore tuberculin needle, the diluted Botulinum A is injected in various muscles around the scalp.

After the procedure

After observation for the recommended hours, You will be discharged. No post-procedure pain will be there.